Be Blue Because It’s You! Part 1

What found mind looking at the title? ซีรี่ย์ can almost guarantee that you’re not literally blue. Blue is often a colour with attachments for it that could mean different things. It can represent freedom or lack of limitations when from the sky or sea. However, if attached to mood it might reference being sad or down. None of this, by the way, is why I’m suggesting you have to be blue. It’s all because of a movie I saw recently.
For my birthday an attractive, although slightly crazy, friend called Lucy required out for lunch. She also involved to see the movie X-Men: First Class. It is really a great movie, have you ever seen it? If so, what did you think? If you’ve got not seen it, I recommend you do. An action movie using a great storyline that creates you think that, well it forced me to be think anyway. In fact if you haven’t seen the movie then check this out article again after the process as it is planning to have extra meaning.
So, why has X-Men: First Class got me thinking of being blue? A theme that runs through the entire movie has true to yourself. This requires that you simply love yourself (self-love), believe in yourself (self-esteem) and be ok with yourself (self-confidence). We have probably all heard or said ‘just be yourself’. Saying this means that it’s not at all as elementary as it may seem. Being your own self is easier for a lot of as opposed to runners. This is captured effectively in X-Men: First Class. It can be easy for you and I to be ourselves once we kind of ‘fit in’ or, as we stand out inside a positive way, like being good-looking or intelligent. However, being yourself if you jump out ‘like a sore thumb’, as they say, isn’t so simple. The temptation would be to hide or if possible to change things that make us different. We are by nature communal beings. We long to belong. Being too different often means being ostracized. You’re excluded by others. So you are left to make a decision; be yourself and become alone or mask yourself and become accepted.
This decision was faced more greatly by one of several characters in X-Men: First Class than one of the others – Raven. Her mutation made her blue and enabled her to morph in to the likeness of someone else. Unlike another mutants, her mutation meant she would unhealthy in at all. So what do you do? Would you contain the guts being blue in a world where nobody is? Oh and I must add as well as your blue skin you have auburn hair. You could not merge giving the impression of that should you tried. That is unless you morphed into somebody who looks ‘normal’. The reality is you’d need great fortitude to be yourself, when that’s nothing remotely like anybody else. Could you undertake it? Especially if it meant being alone for some time?
What often happens is we drop the street when attemping to match. So like Raven you morph into another individual. Someone others are more planning to accept. Never feeling quite comfortable as you aren’t actually you, the genuine you is hiding. You may even make a plan to drastically alter yourself permanently as was contemplated by Raven and Hank. Without wanting to give an excessive amount of away in the event you haven’t seen the movie, this will backfire and in X-Men: First Class it does. The attempt to become ‘normal’ results in even less ‘normality’. Personally, itrrrs this that I think happened to Michael Jackson, (yes I went there, though respect). Trying to match rarely yields the specified consequence of truly belonging. So is it worth all of the hassle?
You have serious amounts of consider the questions asked, especially whether you’ll be blue. However, this concludes part one on this series. We have more to consider the next occasion and it will the perfect to obtain personal.