The Lake House (2006) – Dvd Review

Have you been hunting for a romantic story that shows how an extremely self reliant woman plus a self-made independent man can fall deeply in love? Even if they may be really beyond sync with each another? If so, then the film “Lake House” is certainly one that you will wish to watch. Set in northern Illinois around the Lake Michigan shore, the setting makes a beautiful spot for a couple to understand their isolated lives and the way to take care of their frustrating jobs.

Starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, this touching drama is definitely based on a story retold from the Korean movie titled “Siworae”. The film is skillfully directed by Alejandro Atresti because it reveals a mysterious centered around a mailbox looking at a home on Lake Michigan that somehow has the capacity to bridge time involving the two strangers.

Several years after she’s got moved faraway from her lakeside house, a loveless and lonely physician played by Bullock, starts to answer letters to some frustrated architect, played by Reeves, who currently lives inside same lakeside home, only 2 yrs in the future. After exchanging an extended type of letters, both eventually learn that these are moving into different times.

Through numerous life alternating events, both devoted pen pals can just exchange letters together by writing letters to one another and putting them in to the magical mailbox. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี , anger, laughter, tragedies, and hopes are shared in their letters, which with time, turn them into close friends. As time goes on, they have got lovers come and go, you have a father who dies, and in many cases many birthdays pass. As the film progresses, life keeps throwing twists and turns at them, making their finest layed offers to meet each other personally always slip just beyond their reach.

Sandra Bullock plays the role of an hospital doctor, with long hours whose only roomate is really a cat to learn chess with. She plays her role brilliantly, showing a relentless caring nature and a quite simple going humor. The film covers enough time in their own life from a period while attending college, through her having a relationship with another man aside from Reeves, to the point where her career become not just hectic, but extremely lonely.

Keanu Reeves brings his or her own label of finesse by playing an incredibly talented architect who endures the disapproval of his famous architect elderly father. In the film, Reeves also offers a brother which dreams of opening a business with him. However, their father has always intervened in order to avoid them from forming their very own business. In the middle of all of this, Reeves displays his role’s great need to have anyone to love that will share his creative dreams and passion for life.

In a sluggish start the film, neither roles played by Reeves and Bullock like the other. But since they share their letters inside the magic mailbox, they in the end achieve a lot more involved with one another’s life and slowly create a deep, lasting love the only real grows stronger as the years ignore.

The Lake House was released in 2006 and is also rated PG for both some strong language and several disturbing images.